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@BodyRock TV Workout #46: Upper Body + Abs & Finisher.

  • 21 сентября 2022 (00:36, среда)
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Hi BodyRockers, Welcome to today’s workout. We are going upper body + abs today, so get ready to work your chest, arms and shoulders with a solid dash of abs, and as always with Coach J, there is a nice little dynamic stretch and warmup before we head into the ring for the main event. We are going to start pounding the drum for our Christmas Goal, and for those of you that are just joining us, we’ve set a goal to get into the best shape of our lives by this Christmas Day. That’s not ending the journey on Christmas, it’s making dramatic improves over the last stretch of the year when people statistically gain the most amount of weight. It’s squeezing the remaining juice out of 2022, and not setting yourself up for false starts and ‘resolutions’ in January. It’s getting you so far ahead of the curve that in the madness that is the holiday stretch into 2023, you are making forward progress the entire time. Visit us at BodyRock for today’s full workout: bodyrock.tv #bodyrock #fitness #workout

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