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15 MIN FULL BODY CARDIO — burn lots of calories / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

  • 16 ноября 2022 (05:00, среда)
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  • Автор: не определен

Ready to drip sweat? ♥︎ This one gets super intense towards the end! You will most likely struggle during those 15 minutes… but that's okay! You will be proud ♥︎ / Werbung This killer Cardio Routine burns a lot of calories — and that's what we sometimes want, right? Including HIIT, classic cardio & lots of new movements. We do it onto the music, so it’s a bit more engaging than a standard workout. However the exercises are not dancy! So no, this is NOT a dance workout :) You can do this video: ▸ on it’s own, as a quick & intense workout ▸ to kickstart a longer session ▸ to end your session with a bang and burn extra calories You will like this workout, if you like my: 15min Full Body HIIT 10min Calorie Killer 10min HIIT Workout 10min Medium HIIT 10min Standing Abs + HIIT 20min Intense Full Body ▸ In those 15min, you will burn anything between 80-150kcal, depending on your weight, height and fitness level. __ ➞ my Pam App ♥︎ Free workout & meal plans (11 versions, different fitness levels), lot of recipes & tips: pam-app.de ▸ 2 of those FREE WORKOUT PLANS are on my Instagram Channel. Lose Weight & Focus on a Bubble Butt. Check out the Highlight "Workout Plans" for that. ➞ Instagram instagram.com ➞ Food Account instagram.com ▸ Use the hashtag #PamelaReif if you want to share your transformation or training on Instagram :) I always check the posts! __ You can always find all songs in my workout playlist. I update it weekly & it's available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. wmg.click 1. Tiësto, Tate McRae — 10:35 2. Ava Max – Weapons 3. HUGEL, BLOND:ISH, Nfasis – Tra Tra 4. Ofenbach — I Ain’t Got No Worries (with R3HAB) 5. Campbell – Beat Goes On (Rhythm to the Brain) 6. LUM!X, Tarik Asadi – The Night Is Young (feat. Will Matta) __ Business Contact: pamela_reif@icloud.com unterstützt durch Warner Music Germany Disclaimer: When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video

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