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Lunge, Lunge, Squat!

  • 17 ноября 2022 (21:00, четверг)
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Hi Team, Today we are going full body with this Cardio HIIT workout. All of the moves in today’s home workout are designed to rev up your heart rate, while sculpting long, lean, fat burning muscle tone. Join us for the full home workout class here: bodyrockplus.com We aren’t in the workout business. We are in the body changing business. Anyone can give you a workout, but most workouts won’t change your body composition — and the proof is in how your clothes fit. If you are working out and your body isn’t perceptively changing, if your clothes aren’t fitting better and getting looser, if your body isn’t changing, then it’s time to start BodyRocking. The greatest motivation comes from recognizing positive changes. When you see and feel it working, exercise becomes something that you actually crave. Once you get a taste of what is actually possible when you train smart — incorporating HIIT, Cardio + Strength Training into each workout, you won’t be able to go back to treading water. At BodyRock, fitness is about change. We change bodies. We change minds. We change attitudes. We change what is possible for people, we show them what they are actually capable of, and we do it from the living room — so that you can be the real-life example to your household, your family, your kids — normalizing fitness and the healthy benefits of movement. When you plant a seed in people’s hearts, they change from the inside out and it’s an epic thing to experience. Use code: FIT50 to get 50% off any of our workout streaming plans for life (cancel anytime).

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