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How To Choose And Set Up Your Perfect Snowboard — 2024 Nitro Board Review

  • 7 сентября 2023 (23:54, четверг)
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Check out our training products here snowboardaddiction.com All the gear in this video can be found at: nitrosnowboards.com Gear Stats/Sizes Park Board — TEAM PRO 159 — Full Camber — Flex 8/10. It is a great Board for anyone looking for a stiff ripper to handle any terrain. We would recommend the Normal Team Board for less experienced riders since it will be easier to handle well keeping all the perks of the Team Pro. You can find it here: nitrosnowboards.com Powder Board — ALTERNATOR 160 — True Camber — Flex 7/10 Taevis misspoke and called his Pow Board the Mountain. What is another awesome Pow Board made by Nitro, but not the board he will be shredding this year. The ALTERNATOR Is an awesome powerful powder board, perfect for anyone who is looking for a board that can, charge powder, and eat landings, well still being amazing on the slope and in the park. If you are looking for a board that can do it all, the Alternator is a great choice. You can find it here: nitrosnowboards.com Park Bindings — TEAM PRO — Size Medium. Not many bindings connect you to your board well staying strong and comfy quite like the team Pros. If you are looking for a binding that will let you charge the slopes and bring power to your snowboarding, the TEAM PROS will do great. Powder Binding — PHANTOM The PHANTOMS are made to fully enjoy powder and sick groomers, letting you feel the snow instead of just feeling the binding, well still offering great support. Super awesome binding for any all-mountain ripper. You can find them here: nitrosnowboards.com Snowboard Boots — CHASE BOA — Size 8.5 US. The most important thing for Snowboard Boots is the fit, make sure to try on any boots before buying them. If the CHASE BOAS do fit you, they are a great boot, nice and still with a lot of foam and support. I asked Nitro to Fully heat the moldable. I haven't gotten to ride them yet, but I'm hoping to be able to use this dope boot for a long time.

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