Zeb Powell Does Things Differently | Burton: MY TURN

Cноуборд Zeb Powell Does Things Differently | Burton: MY TURN

Defying all logic, Zeb Powell’s unpredictably explosive style has won him X Games Gold and sent his snowboard videos to viral status. It was on a tiny hill in North Carolina where he got his start. Now the world is Zeb’s stage as his creativity inspires a new generation and transforms what the future of snowboarding looks like. Hear Zeb tell his story in this episode of MY TURN as he spends a day in Aspen, Colorado, sharing his infectious energy with our interview host, Selema Masekela. Watch more of MY TURN Season 2: brtn.co --- About MY TURN You can tell a lot about a rider by the way they turn. The tracks we each leave behind tell a story, saying, “This is how I do it.” But when we ride, we’re not always on a board, and our turns take many forms. MY TURN gives people from Burton’s community a blank canvas to take their turn, make their mark, and tell their story. About Burton In 1977, Jake Burton Carpenter founded Burton Snowboards out of his Vermont barn and dedicated the rest of his life to snowboarding. Since its founding, Burton has played a pivotal role in growing snowboarding from a backyard hobby to a world-class sport by creating groundbreaking products, supporting a team of top snowboarders, and pushing resorts to allow snowboarding. Today, Burton designs and manufactures industry-leading products for snowboarding and the outdoors. As a sustainability leader within the outdoor and winter sports industries, Burton is the world's first snowboard company to become a certified B Corporation®. Subscribe to Burton's YouTube youtube.com. Like us on Facebook facebook.com Follow us on Instagram instagram.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com Pin us on Pinterest pinterest.com #BurtonTeam Riders Mikkel Bang, Kelly Clark, Danny Davis, Kimmy Fasani, Ben Ferguson, Anna Gasser, Red Gerard, Mark McMorris, Jiayu Liu, Mark Sollors, Nora Beck, Jake Canter, Mikey Ciccarelli, Kiana Clay, Brock Crouch, Tessa Maud, Darcy Sharpe, Maria Thomsen, Kody Williams, Luke Winkelmann, Zeb Powell, Neko Reimer, Mikey Rencz, Patti Zhou, Jesse Augustinus, Christian Haller, Maria Hidalgo Perlas, Alberto Maffei, Clemens Millauer, Niels Schack, Chloe Sillieres, Leon Vockensperge, Max Zebe, Emil Zulian, Yuka Fujimori, Yuki Furihata, Ayumu Hirano, Kurumi Imai, Reira Iwabuchi, Raibu Katayama, Yutaro Miyazawa, Kokomo Murase, Yura Murase, Yuya Nakayama, Hiroto Ogiwara, Mitsuki Ono, Takeru Otsuka, Shuichiro Shigeno, Haku Shimasaki, Kyu Shimasaki, Ryusei Takahashi, Masanori Takeuchi, Carlos Garcia Knight, Valentino Guseli, Jye Kearney, Jess Rich, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, Yiming Su #snowboarding


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