Lokomotiv vs. Fakel | HIGHLIGHTS | Round 24 | Pari SuperLeague 2024


#volleyball #volley On February 18, the twenty-fourth round of the PARI Super League was held at the Lokomotiv Arena. Novosibirsk returned to the home arena after a protracted departure. The railway fans were on top – they filled the stands to the maximum in a thematic meeting dedicated to the famous TV series "Game of Thrones". However, the wards of Plamen Konstantinov failed to please the home arena. The teams play evenly at the start of the match, but by the time the score is 6:9, Plamen Konstantinov is forced to take a coaching break after Ace Kapranov. But even after the break, the Yamal residents continued to score points, the railway workers only accumulated mistakes — 15:9. Dinakin serves straight through, and Kapranov scores – 20:9 in favor of Fakel. Lokomotiv goes in search of the optimal composition — Igor Tisevich, Pavel Kruglov, Sergey Savin and Denis Karyagin appeared on the site, but the owners did not have time to save the party.

  • 25:16 and the first batch is sent to the asset "Fakel".In the second set, on Kurkaev's serves, Lokomotiv took the lead – 7:4. In attack, the railwaymen began to do better than in the first set – Kazachenkov and Savin finished off to the floor, the serve flew, and by the middle of the game, the hosts of the site retained the advantage –
  • 16:12. Enns hit out twice and was replaced by Nikita Morozov. By the end, Lokomotiv retained the lead, and when Kazachenkov played a block-out, Roman Yepolov took a break at 17:21. And although the Yamal team managed to reduce the gap to a minimum, and then played two set points, but Savin's attack put a winning point in the game for Lokomotiv — 25:23.In the third game, having gained an advantage at the start of the set, the Yamal team held it further – 9:6. On Savin's serve, the Novosibirsk team pulled up in the score, but Kapranov returned a confident advantage to Fakel – 12:8. Tisevich came out to pass the railwaymen, and gradually the owners of the site began to pick up the score – Savin caught Morozov with a block, and Lyzik was accurate with an attack at the first pace –
  • 15:17. But the Yamal team did not allow them to develop their success – Enns scored from the second zone, and Kapranov made a mistake in Savin's reception – 21:17. And although the Novosibirsk team again reduced the gap to a minimum, the Yamal team did not give up their own – Karyagin and Savin closed the block, and Enns put an ace in the game – 25:21.In the fourth set, the start was successful for Lokomotiv — 7:4, but their own mistakes nullified all the efforts of the hosts – 9:9. The next segment of the game was held in an equal struggle, but then a series of mistakes began for Novourengoy, the hosts came forward –
  • 15:12. All the same "plus 3" remained with the wards of Plamen Konstantinov by the end of the set – 20:17, but the Yamal team managed to organize a chase, and now only one point remained from the advantage of the railwaymen – 24:23. Kovalchuk closed Brazhnyuk's block and equalized the numbers on the scoreboard – 24:24, but in a tense ending of success After all, the Lokomotiv players achieved — Kazachenkov's attack turned the match into a tie-break — 32:30.In the fifth game, the block on Kurbanov put Fakel ahead – 3:1, and the attacks of Enns and Dinakin helped the Yamal team maintain an advantage – 8:6. After changing sides, Novosibirsk managed to equalize the score –
  • 10:10, and then the game continued on balance. But Kazachenkov got into the block, and Enns completed the game — 15:13.
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