Neftyanik vs. Gazprom-Ugra | HIGHLIGHTS | Round 24 | Pari SuperLeague 2024


#volleyball #volley Orenburg Neftyanik lost to Surgut Gazprom-Yugra with a "dry score" on the home ground of Olympic Sports Complex. The teams start the match with an equal confrontation – 5:5, 7:7. Kurbatov earns a break advantage – 9:7. Borsch calls his team for a coaching break. However, the guests continued to earn their points. Kurbatov worked on the block, Krasikov scored an ace – 11:7. Orenburg residents, through the efforts of Captain Makarenko, reduce the gap to a minimum –

  • 14:15. The partner restores parity – 16:16. In one arrangement, the Surgutans form a three-point reserve in the score — Ozhiganov delivers to the line – 19:16. In the end, Rajab retains the advantage – 23:21. Krasikov brings his team three set balls (24:21). Sidenko catches up with his opponent with a quick attack and two aces – 24:24. However, the guests bring the game to victory – 26:24.The starting segment of the second game was a success for Orenburg – 4:1. Rajab connects with the guests and levels the gap – 7:7. Until the middle of the set, the hosts gained a slight advantage and lost it again –
  • 14:14. Equal confrontation is interrupted by Ace Ozhiganov 16:14. The coaching staff of Neftyanik conducts a number of substitutions. By the end of the set, the Surgutans have an important advantage, Krasikov attacks and gets a set ball — 24:20. The second batch is also in the assets of Gazprom-Yugra — 25:22. In the third game, Rajab shows a confident game from the first to the last draws, he succeeds in attacking one after another. In the middle of the game, after another success of Rajab, the score is 15:8. Rakhmatullin conducts several successful attacks, but this does not change the overall picture –
  • 17:10. Kirillov's serve brings four points in a row, including one ace – 23:11. Zinchenko, who came on as a substitute, scores another goal -12:23. Rajab brings a match ball — 24:12. The result of the set is 25:12 and Gazprom–Ugra wins the match.
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