Ugra-Samotlor vs. Enisey | HIGHLIGHTS | Round 24 | Pari SuperLeague 2024


#volleyball #volley In the middle of the first set, Mikhail Nikkel scored an ace –

  • 15:13. Yuri Filippov took a timeout. Roman Murashko could not break through the triple block of the hosts. Stanislav Kassel, after an unsuccessful reception by Maxim Bocharov, consolidated the advantage of Nizhnevartovsk – 17:13. Filippov made a double substitution. Vitaly Fettsov came out instead of the top scorer of the super League, who scored three goals out of nine, and Maxim Kreskin came out instead of Konstantin Osipov. Krasnoyarsk residents have reduced the gap to a minimum. However, Fettsov's intercession with an attack from the back line brought Ugra-Samotlor closer to victory in the first game – 22:19. Yenisei was saved by Kreskin, who gave out a series of lashing innings. Igor Filippov blocked Alexander Militsky's pipe, and Nikkel struck out in the attack – 22:22.Fettsov put the Krasnoyarsk team ahead –
  • 23:22. Nikkel played two set balls for the guests. An error in the attack of the diagonal guests returned the initiative to Ugra-Samotlor — 26:25. However, Sergei Kostrov unsuccessfully executed the serve, Nikkel did not score, allowing Semyon Dmitriev to score, and Herman Mellis could not cope with the reception of Fettsov's glider flying out.Having missed the victory in the first game, the Nizhnevartovsk team started the second one extremely unsuccessfully. 0:5 – on Dmitriev's serves. Nikkel got into the net and Fettsov's block – 1:8. Gleb Radchenko and newcomer Anatoly Volodin appeared on the court at Ugra-Samotlor. Bocharov broke out with a series of serves from the opponents – 3:14. In the end, Valery Pyaskovsky's wards reduced the gap to six points –
  • 17:23, but Dmitriev sent the teams to a break with two successful attacks.The opening of the third set was left to the hosts. After the selfless defense of Radchenko and the attack from the most difficult situation of Militsky – 10:6. "Yenisei" was helped by a timeout. Krasnoyarsk residents played more sharply, Dmitriev and Bocharov took over the role of leaders, and Nizhnevartovsk residents made their own mistakes. Very quickly, the "plus four" turned into
  • 13:18. Radchenko was replaced by Nikkel, and Denis Tolok was replaced by Sergey Bagrey. When piping, Bocharov stepped on the line – 16:19. Nikkel closed Bocharov with a single block, and Bagrei caught Alexander Yanutov by surprise with a shortened glider – 20:21. Fettsov did not score, and Nikkel inspired the stands – 22:22. After an error on Kassel's serve, Yenisei received a match ball. Militsky played it back. Nikkel also sent a pitch out. Radchenko and Bagrei returned to the site. At the score of 25:25, the diagonal could bring Yugra-Samotlor into the lead, but the blow was not strong. The guests responded with a successful attack by Dmitriev. And in the next draw, Radchenko sent the ball off the court in an attack.
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