Zenit SPB vs. ASK | HIGHLIGHTS | Round 26 | Pari SuperLeague 2024


#volleyball #volley The hosts did not start this match perfectly, allowing ASK to lead 4:1. However, Zenit quickly got the guests, but it was not possible to get an advantage with a break for quite a long time: the Petersburgers made a small breakthrough in the alignment with Voronkov's serve (with one ace from Fedor), with which the Nizhny Novgorod managed to withdraw at

  • 12:14. Then Peter's block earned, which gave chances to increase the gap: Andrey Dranishnikov's first timeout occurred at 13:17. After that, the end of the game was relatively calm for the hosts. The most remarkable thing about this set was, perhaps, that Igor Kobzar managed to balance the game in attack without overloading Babkevich – the first number of Zenit, Voronkov and Sivozhelez were involved in almost the same way, which resulted in identical performance (5 points each for all three). And then this trend generally developed.In the second game, Peter quickly secured an advantage with a break, which was strengthened after a couple of successful blocks – 10:6. In the middle of the set, Dranishnikov went to replace diagonal, releasing Antonov instead of Premovich. And almost immediately Sergio Buzato did a double, involving Ratse and Kovalev. Well, at the score of
  • 17:14, a historical event happened without any sarcasm – the Romanian diagonal Peter, who has been with the team for a month (made his debut on January 28), scored the first point in Zenit with a successful attack. Further — more: Alex scored 3 out of 4 before the end of the game, and, perhaps, took a stone from the soul of everyone who believed that he was at Zenit solely in order to beautifully wear a game T-shirt of the same size as Poletaev's. The set ended with a score of 25:20.Kovalev – Ratse Buzato saved the diagonal for the third game, while putting Babkevich to play with a reception. Everything went well for Peter. The hosts harvested a rich harvest on the block – 16 points in total, including 5 from Ananyev, Ratse scored almost everything, including one goal from the fourth zone (as a result, he had 6 out of 7 plus 1 ace), and Babkevich suddenly did not become the most productive player of the match, because Voronkov got this honor – 12 points. Fedor did not score in the attack – (6 out of 16), but added 4 blocks and 2 aces to this. In the end, the third set turned out to be the most fleeting –
  • 25:17. During this game, since everything was completely calm, the coaching staff of the hosts gave Zheleznyakov, Tikhonov, Zastupov and Titic another game, so in the end, Zenit had everyone on the court except Safonov.
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