Lokomotiv vs. Kuzbass | HIGHLIGHTS | Round 26 | Pari SuperLeague 2024


#volleyball #volley Traditionally, a serious struggle ensued for the Siberian derby from the first minutes of the match, all tickets were sold again at the Lokomotiv Arena, and the teams were supported by 5,000 fans. By the middle of the set, the score was equal at

  • 14:13, but the hosts were more confident on serve – an ace from Martin Atanasov – 18:15. Kemerovo residents do not allow the opponent to keep the gap and compare the score after successful actions on the block – 22:22. The railwaymen cope with the tension and respond with the same weapon – a block on the attack of Dusan Petkovich. The end of the set is symbolically put by the captain of "Loko" Ilyas Kurkaev – 25:22.The second set is more successful for Kuzbass, where the home team's players lose confidence, and ace after ace serves Kemerovo's Slavi Kostadinov –
  • 12:15. Loko manages to even the score, Sergei Trotsky releases Alexander Markin onto the court. By the end of the set, the teams are going smoothly, Denis Chereysky is clearly acting – 23:23. However, Kuzbass failed to bring the set to victory, after their mistake on the serve, Dmitry Lyzik does not leave them a chance – he serves through. 25:23 and the second set goes to the Novosibirsk team.Kuzbass does not give up and copes with nerves in the third game – they are already leading 12:8 on Roman Pakshin's serves. Loko fails to return to the game by the middle of the set, Sergei Savin and Denis Karyagin appear on the court at
  • 10:15. The railwaymen give chase – Karyagin succeeds in attacking, and on Konstantin Abaev's serves (even the Kuzbass coaching timeout does not stop the binder from ace), the Novosibirsk team pulls up to the opponent — 15:17. At the end of the set, passions are heating up — 21:23 block of railwaymen on the attack of Alexander Markin, and already 22:23 – Sergei Trotsky does not have time to take a coaching break and Loko score in a tense draw.
Asparukh Asparukh returns to the playground. Novosibirsk manages to win back two set points – Karyagin's attack and Abaev's block. Teams take turns earning points on nervous volleyball swings, but the hosts were more stable on the pitch. Omar Kurbanov got the decisive matchball in a protracted draw after Dmitry Lyzik's successful actions in defense, and the point in the Siberian derby was put by the Novosibirsk captain Ilyas Kurkaev with a block. Four players scored 11 points at once – two from each team, diagonal Ilya Kazachenkov and blocking Dmitry Lyzik from Loko, as well as finishing player Roman Pakshin and diagonal Dusan Petkovich from Kuzbass. VFV — volley.ru Dzen — zen.yandex.ru. Telegram — t.me VK — vk.com Rutube — rutube.ru


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