Zenit-Kazan vs. Enisey | HIGHLIGHTS | Round 26 | Pari SuperLeague 2024


#volleyball #volley As a result of the planned rotation in the match against Yenisei, the finishing players Sam Deru and Mikhail Labinsky entered the court, and Dmitry Shcherbinin and Roman Romanovsky made up the central pair. Due to health reasons, libero Alexander Yanutov missed the meeting, instead of whom Denis Golubev played. At the same time, Kirill Ursov, the Yenisei player, recovered from injury and returned to the squad. The opponents in the opening game made extremely many mistakes on serve – 9 losses each. Zenit's diagonal Maxim Mikhailov generally lost all three serves, but at the same time became one of the heroes of the ending, in which Zenit won back from the score

  • 22:24. Deru successfully won back from the hands of the blockers and scored an ace. The guests tried to finish the game with the help of attacks by the young player Maxim Bocharov, but he failed to realize his two attempts, and Mikhailov was accurate twice in counterattacks – 26:24.After an unsuccessful ending, the coach of Yenisei, Yuri Filippov, sent Bocharov to the reserve and Semyon Dmitriev entered the game instead. It cannot be said that this replacement was beneficial to the guests. Dmitriev stumbled first into an organized block, and then into a single block by Labinsky, after which the Kazan team took the lead – 8:7. And not once before the end of the meeting did they allow the opponent to lead in the score. Mike Christenson thanked the players with his passes for good finishing (62%) – Deru (3/5) and Labinsky (4/6) were also good in attack. But the guests did not get along at all with the attack – 4 outs and 4 hits under the block. Roman Murashko, the top scorer of the Super League, scored only 1 of 5 goals. Dmitriev completed the set with similar statistics, who was also caught by Christenson in the end with a block –
  • 20:14.If the guests had any enthusiasm, it disappeared after Murashko bumped into Shcherbinin's block (
  • 13:10), and then Labinsky made an ace with a shortened serve – no one even twitched in the reception. The Yenisei players implemented only 15% of the attacks (3/20), so they got defeated.
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