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BodyRock Workout #48: Upper Body Blast.

  • 22 сентября 2022 (22:50, четверг)
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Get the full workout here: bodyrock.tv Hi team, Today Manny is back, and he’s delivering an Upper Body Blast Workout, otherwise known as BodyRock Workout #48. Manny has a thing about working out in his socks, and he is taking his sock game to the next level today, rocking Nike tie-dyed just for you guys. We are going straight to the workout today, so let’s get into it. First up, let’s get the exercise gear that we are using for today’s workout sorted. In BodyRock Workout #48, we are using our 8 lbs BodyRock Weighted Vest, our Wrist Weights, the Pink Thing, and our Exercise Mat. All of these items can be purchased individually from our shop, or you can get everything that you need to train with us in one bundle here. Having the gear will get you the results you want that much faster. The Workout today follows a

  • 45:15 interval — so that’s 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds to catch your breath between exercises, and a very generous 1 minute of recovery between rounds. You can thank Manny for giving you guys a full minute between rounds, take advantage of that time to take some deep breaths, towel off and take a sip of water.
We have 4 exercises to get through today, and we are using the Pink Thing dynamic resistance band right out of the gate. Exercise #1 and #2 Are tricep extensions with the Pink Thing. Get set up by either standing on the Pink Thing, or by sticking a foot through one of the rungs to lock it against the ground. Experiment with different positions to arrive at a level of resistance on the band that is both challenging and achievable. To gauge this, do a few practice extensions and make a mental note about where and how you have the Pink Thing positioned. Stand tall with your core fully engaged so that you don’t arch the back. As you extend, you want to control the movement up and then maintain that control on the way back down. You control the band, not the other way around. Exercise #3: Kneeling Bicep Curls. We are going to get a nice little pump going here, starting off by anchoring the Pink Thing between the Mat and the floor with your knees. Just like with the tricep extension above, take a minute to get situated and explore what grip is best for you. It’s pretty easy and quick to get into position for this one, although you will have to determine where you are going to grab the band to get the ideal amount of resistance. Give every rep a nice squeeze at the top. Exercise #4: Two Renegade Rows to Pushups. There always has to be one exercise that looks a bit intimidating, just to test your metal. This exercise even sounds badass, but as we know from training together, there is always a way to break down movements into pieces that we can tackle and own. This exercise is no exception. If you can’t do the rows off of your toes, do them from your knees, and it’s exactly the same for the pushups. That’s how easy it is to get around the excuse of looking at Manny busting out this advanced exercise and saying to yourself “I can’t do that”. You can overcome any obstacle or challenge in your workouts, or more importantly in life. What we are teaching you guys through movement will start showing up in other areas of your life where you face challenge ad adversity. Another set up tip for this exercise is to widen out your feet if you are going to attempt this bad boy from your toes. Widening that stance will make this exercise easier.

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